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What’s Gabel e-poles?

Gabel e-poles is an electronic-digital monitoring system integrated inside the eponymous poles. Through the use of the dedicated App, it returns angular and temporal parameters with distinction between left and right arm, evaluative indices and geolocation of the training performed. Associated with a Gabel heart rate monitor, the App also offers heart rate data.

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Dedicated App

Time parameters
Angular parameters

Snake Carbon tubes

20% lighter and stiffer
than unidirectional carbon fiber.


Dual Cork grip

It houses the electronic compartment equipped with micro-USB socket, on/off button and control LED. It features an ergonomic shape and a natural cork part. It is also equipped with N.C.S. (Nordic Click System), Gabel’s patented quick release system.


Breathable strap

Features closure and adjustment on the back of the hand to prevent peeling effect on clothing. Available in three different sizes: S(tg.5-7.5), M(tg.6 – 9.5), L(tg.8-11).


Multi Lock system

The Multi Lock is a locking system that takes advantage of two locking systems: the external Mono Lock and the internal T.P.L. (Top Performance Locking). The lever system of the Mono Lock combines with the dual friction point locking, securing it firmly and securely.


40 hours of recording time and 500 charging cycles guaranteed

With lithium-ion batteries, Gabel e-poles offer 40 hours of recording time. The sticks can be recharged via a simple USB cable, with 500 charging cycles guaranteed.


Function for sharing poles and workouts

The e-poles App, available for iOS and Android, offers the ability to share sticks and workouts with multiple e-poles accounts via the appropriate feature.


Simplified controls on the grip

To make the equipment usable even without a smartphone thanks to LED status indicators, always knowing whether they are on, synchronized or recording.


Internal memory

Recording of training activity can be done even without carrying the smartphone with you for more than 7 hours of recording.


Parameters, indices, geolocation and HRM

The Gabel e-poles system records and processes angular and temporal parameters with distinction between right and left arm, evaluative indices, geolocation, and, nice if it is connected to a heart rate monitor, also heart rate data.


Walking Pads XXL

Toe cover shoes for asphalt training.


Aero-Carbide o Aero-Active tips

Gabel e-poles is available in 2 versions, G1-A with Aero-Active (claw) tip, G1 with Aero-Carbide tip.


High height adjustability

For a full range of height and great lightness. Sizes: XTS – 95-120 cm; XTL- 115-140 cm; Weight: XTS – 196g – 6.91 oz; XTL – 206 g – 7.27 oz.

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