August 16, 2021

Folding hiking poles

Trekking poles have now become an important item in the list of essential things. Every self-respecting hiker knows very well that trekking poles contribute to a better distribution of weight and effort on both upper and lower limbs. The dynamism that follows allows you to face the path with greater security, balance, stability and dynamism.

Among the models on the market, folding trekking poles are particularly suitable for various types of routes. Thanks to the division of the 5 pieces foldable into 3 parts, they are great to be carried inside a backpack. The parts that make up the folding trekking poles can be held together by different systems, mostly composed of a steel cable or anti-cut material (Kevlar or Dyneema) and a spring for its tensioning. Locked in the right place, the internal cable or case locking system keeps the various pieces of the stick together, which can be folded as easily as they were combined.

Folding hiking poles: because they are a great choice

Folding hiking poles can be found on virtual and physical shelves along with other types of hiking poles. They are often the right choice because, compared to telescopic poles, the division into sections that characterize them allows them to reduce even more, and then store them comfortably in the backpack. Also, they should not be adjusted every time they are extended. Their length can be adjusted by acting on a single section, unlike the telescopic 3-section poles.

They are the best solution, especially in situations where it is necessary to have a certain freedom of movement. Particularly difficult terrain, particularly inaccessible passages or the need to climb can determine the need to have free hands , by placing the sticks outside or inside the backpack without having encumbrances. Folding hiking poles, in these cases, are the compact solution that will give you all the autonomy you need.

Downhill you can stretch them to offer the possibility of support reaching a lower ground than your position. Uphill, however, can be shortened with ease. In addition, in case of a slope, the upright stick can be held under the handle instead of being shortened. This solution is excellent when combined with the action of sticking your thumb in the lace, so as to have a better support.

Trekking poles foldable in 37 cm


The model XTR CARBON F.L. is the first of a series able to compact in only 37 cm. It is a trekking pole characterized by an upper section extensible and adjustable thanks to a locking system Fast Lock.

A comfortable Ergo Fit handle features the patented T.C.S. – Top Click System that allows you to release the tie easily thanks to the structure of the grip itself. The aluminum and carbon tube is designed with Wired technology, which allows you to disassemble it in a few simple moves.

A Carbide tip made of tungsten carbide gives it an excellent adhesion capacity on soils of various types. Double wheel (snow and trekking) and rubber shoes supplied complete this model


Do you love trekking but you love even trail running and ski touring? Then the model FR-3 EF is your pole!

The handle with a foam extension is comfortable and ergonomic, perfect for a good uphill thrust. The handrail is detachable quickly and easily thanks to the patented T.C.S. – Top Click System. The first section of the pole is extensible and adjustable in height. Thanks to Wired technology, the FR-3 EF is easy to disassemble and compact in just 37 cm.

As in the previous model, the Carbide tip ensures excellent traction even on the most rugged terrain. Also in this case, everything is completed by rubber shoes and double wheel.


Especially appreciated by the more experienced hikers, this pole stands out for its incredible lightness and its locking system suitable for even low temperatures.

The 3K carbon fiber forms the 5 extensible sections that make it up. The sections are joined together thanks to a polymer-coated anti-theft cable. Thanks to a simple button, Wired technology allows you to fold it easily.

A comfortable and breathable grip in soft non-slip foam offers numerous gripping points to facilitate the uphill push. The convenient washable handrail is treated with an antibacterial formula to allow a prolonged use without odours. The tungsten carbide tip guarantees a firm traction on any kind of rough or icy terrain.


Last but not least, the XTR ALU F.L. is another model ideal for trekking but also for trail running and ski mountaineering. It features an aluminum tube equipped with Wired technology, which allows you to fold it acting only on a button with agile disassembly and folding in less than 40 cm.

Also in this model, the first section is extensible through external Fast Lock system. Soft handle and tungsten carbide tip respectively begin and conclude a versatile model and suitable for even the most difficult routes. Also in this case we have an Ergo Fit handle and the patented Top Click System.

We hope you enjoyed the article and you found your favorite folding hiking poles!

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