March 8, 2022

Lose weight with Nordic Walking

Do you really want to lose weight? Nordic Walking is the sport that can be right for you! Nordic Walking was born as a training method for cross-country skiers. Today it has become a very popular sports practice even in the world of fitness. Nordic Walking is a type of alternating walking that uses special poles.

These poles have a specific handle and strap, suitable for carrying out the Nordic Walking technique.

Nordic Walking Technique

The Nordic Walking technique takes place by crossing the upper and lower limbs. Right arm with left leg and vice versa in a controlled and balanced movement session.

Nordic Walking technique and trekking: why they are not the same

With each step, the hand of the receding stick opens, leaving the stick. This does not cause its loss, as the strap has a particular and specific hook for this type of sport. The Nordic Walking pole is used to give the push to carry out the next step.

Nordic Walking benefits

Nordic walking brings many benefits. In addition to weight control, it is ideal for metabolic pathologies and for rehabilitation paths. Thanks to the results obtained, it is able to improve the situation of those suffering from Parkinson’s, of those who need to recover mobility following operations or post Covid-19.


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