March 9, 2022

Nordic Walking: how many times a week?

How many times to do Nordic Walking a week and how to do it

Nordic Walking is a sport suitable for everyone. It requires little equipment, a bit of goodwill, and relatively flat and compact terrain to be able to be practiced. It turns out to be a physical activity suitable for city contests but also for the natural ones offered by the countryside or some hilly and mountainous areas.

We have made available our knowledge on the subject and we have tried to give you the best tips so that you can practice it starting. So, if you have already read our Nordic Walking guides from A to Z , you are definitely ready to take the next step: how many times a week?

How many times to do Nordic Walking during a week

Sometimes, the simplest questions are also the most important. How many times to practice Nordic Walking during the week is one of the most common doubts, especially among those who have just started to approach this sport. The time has come to give a clear answer.

How many times do you do Nordic Walking a week? 3 times a week for about 45 minutes is the ideal training schedule. Nordic walking truly becomes the sport that can help keep you or get back in shape, improving blood circulation and helping to control diseases such as diabetes.

Remember, however, that it is very important to understand in detail what your starting situation is. To establish the training schedule and, consequently, understand how much to play this sport within a week, you must take into account any pathologies or problems related to your health.

Prepare your training schedule!

Training with Nordic Walking allows you to adapt the training schedule to your needs. Let’s take an example immediately.

We assume you are ready to start Nordic Walking. You have purchased our recommended poles, you have read our guides and now you want to start your training schedule. The questions you have to ask yourself are about your weight, the presence of physical problems, or anything else that could represent a difficulty in carrying out alternating walking.

If your weight is one of the reasons why you want to practice alternating walking, there is no reason not to practice it 3 times a week. The difference compared to a normal weight person will be in the shorter mileage and the presence of recovery breaks.

In the event that your problem is, for example, a herniated disc, you can plan a different table with the advice of your doctor. Also, in this case, Nordic Walking remains a modular sport according to needs and could be able to bring benefits to joint health.

Especially in the phase of learning the technique, it is always a good idea to contact an instructor. It will be he who will build a tailor-made training plan for you, taking into account your situation and your goals. As the weeks go by, your own athletic condition will ask you to increase the mileage and duration of the sessions or their frequency.


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