July 28, 2021

Lake Garda trekking: the most beautiful routs

Lake Garda trekking: routes, equipment and everything you need to have an incredible experience

Are you a trekking enthusiast? Are you looking for trekking routes to Lake Garda? You just started trying this sport and you’re looking for a route?

Trekking is really an incredible sport. It combines mobility with beautiful landscapes. It contributes to psychophysical well-being, helps to free the mind and make a holiday even more exciting!

Lake Garda is one of the most popular places for trekking. Thanks to its extension and the characteristics of the landscape, it offers a great variety of routes. If you have typed in Google “trekking lake Garda” or “trekking trails lake Garda”, you are in the right guide! You just read the article and discover the most beautiful trails for trekking to Lake Garda!

Lake Garda trekking: what you need

What do you need to do trekking to Lake Garda? The trekking equipment depends on the season.

Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing is absolutely recommended for trekking. Adequate Shoes help to continue the journey. Depending on the characteristics of the route, shoes help to continue the journey safely and smoothly.

What to pack

Lake Garda trekking requires a backpack not too heavy but with everything you need for any possibility. The first thing to prepare is a water bottle.

Hat and sunscreen

A hat and sunscreen can be a great help. During a sunny journey you may need to protect your head and your skin from the sun.

Portable charger

A portable charger will make sure your phone will not be drained of battery when you most need it.

Packed lunch

Lake Garda trekking also means stopping for a lunch in really beautiful natural enviroments. But nature must be respected, so take with you a bag to collect your waste. We don’t want to pollute, right?

Trekking poles lake Garda

Now let’s move on to one of the most important things to do in trekking: poles. Why use poles to walk? Trekking poles help you to measure the weight of your body during walking.

They contribute to a correct posture and to adjust the gait. They are excellent during the climb but also downhill because they help you to unload your weight and facilitate your movements. Each route has its poles. Let’s see together the trekking trails of Lake Garda and the poles most suitable for each route!

Easy Lake Garda trekking route

Rocca di Garda

The first route we want to talk about is suitable for everyone. It takes about 2 hours and has a drop of 250 meters. The starting point is Garda, a town from which you can get to the summit of the Rocca di Garda. This itinerary is perfect to admire a wonderful view of the lake. Here are the best poles for this route:

Trekking Lake Garda intermediate level

Towers of Benaco and the Tibetan bridge

Starting from Pai, the route includes about 4 hours of walking with a difference in altitude of 600 meters. The route extends over the panoramic paths above Towers of Benaco. You get to San Zeno di Montagna and then go down to Crero, a small village that really deserves to be visited. This is one of the Lake Garda trekking trails that deserves a bit of experience and poles of a certain level:

Trekking excursion difficult lake Garda

The Tour of the summit

This is really a professional route. The Tour of the Summit, in italian “Il giro delle Cime”, is an adventure that touches all the mountains that surround Val Concei. The famous peaks in the Ledro valley that make up this tour are:

• Pichea
• Tofino
• Doss de la Torta
• Gavardina
• Corno dei Guì
• Horn of Lomar
• Roda, Cadria

Breathtaking views, nature and vegetation are an incredible path to take during a clear sunny day. Here are the poles that we recommend for this route:

Do you have any trekking trails to suggest us? Indicate them in the comments and we will include them in the list of Lake Garda trekking trails absolutely not to be missed!

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