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Athletes supported each year

More than 250 national and international athletes are supported each year. From downhill skiing to trail running, we offer equipment studied for improving competitive performance. In the belief that sport belongs to everyone, we also support athletes with disabilities who have decided to challenge themselves competitively.

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The countries where we are

From the United States to Latin America, from France to the Czech Republic, there are now more than 80 countries where we have put down roots. Italian Design, high quality, high performance and numerous patents have allowed the brand to be known and appreciated in a panorama that is not only national.

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Our technologies and patents

Since the early days, research and innovation have been at the foundation of our creative and production process. With the aim of providing a unique user experience and contributing to performance enhancement, our R&D department studies, designs, and develops cutting-edge technologies. From locking systems to digital monitoring, there are over 15 distinctive technologies and patents that make Gabel poles truly unique.

The fields in which we operate

Outdoor and beyond. We are also active in sectors related to sports and health. In addition to competitive contexts like alpine skiing, ski cross, and cross-country skiing, we are involved in summer and winter mountaineering, the world of trekking, and high-level hiking. We engage in trail running by producing high-quality poles with advanced technologies. We undertake projects related to Nordic Walking and health, and we are also active in the Fitness field with e-poles walking activities.

Our Mission

Willpower and passion are the driving forces behind Gabel projects, always maintaining a focus on a fundamental element: people. Gabel’s mission is precisely to inspire, excite, and support individuals, bringing them closer to nature, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and motivating competitive generations to achieve their goals. Gabel is committed to offering economically accessible products and activities to promote sports participation and socialization.

Our values

Respect for others and gender equality are among the most important values that underpin business relationships and more. From the production department to the sales area, diverse cultures coexist with a perspective of reciprocity and respect. Within this corporate framework, women have always played a fundamental role, comprising approximately 60% of the team. On the environmental sustainability front, Gabel is committed to implementing resource and packaging volume economy policies in collaboration with its suppliers.

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Our Patents

N.C.S. - Nordic Click System

The N.C.S. (Nordic Click System) is a quick-release system for the handgrip, designed for practicality and safety reasons. It can be operated manually through a button on the top of the grip or automatically with an overload of over 48 kg. It ensures the same level of connection, control, and force transmission as the built-in handgrip system F.L.S. (Fit Link System), but allows for better management of the poles.

T.C.S. - Automatic Top Click System

Primarily applied to models designed for winter hiking, the T.C.S. (Automatic Top Click System) is a system for adjusting or removing the strap that does not require the use of any additional tools. It is very useful for washing or replacing the strap and becomes important for off-piste activities, where the poles can be an obstacle to flotation in case of an avalanche.


The Click is a strap release system applied to ski poles. It allows manual release by applying pressure to a part of the handle or can be activated automatically if the pole is subjected to a load exceeding 40 kg. It can also be used with a handgrip, which can be released fully or partially, thus keeping the pole attached to the wrist.

A.I. Anti – Impact

The A.I. (Anti-Impact) is a shock-absorbing system that reduces the impact between the pole and the ground, minimizing the effects of prolonged vibration. Through an elastomer located inside the pole, the impact vibration is gently absorbed, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal inflammation in the upper limbs.

Twist Lock

The Twist Lock allows you to collapse the pole in a few simple steps. By rotating the sections, the pole is divided and quickly folded, reducing its size. This patent has helped create the lightest 16 mm diameter trail running poles on the market

T.P.L. Top Performance Locking

The T.P.L. (Top Performance Locking) is a locking system that, by utilizing the expansion of 2 shells placed internally within the tube, increases the pole’s resistance capacity to pressure up to 130 kg.

Gabel e-poles

Gabel e-poles is the digital monitoring system that characterizes the ski poles of the same name. Developed in collaboration with national and international universities and research centers, they allow for the collection of temporal, angular, and evaluative parameters, distinguishing between the right and left arms. All data is recorded in a dedicated app that provides detailed reports. By combining it with the Gabel heart rate monitor, it is possible to record specific heart rate data for the training session.

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