January 13, 2023

Trekking in Liguria: from the Path of Poets to the Nature ring

After Veneto, Abruzzo, Tuscany and Trentino, it’s time to trek in Liguria! Liguria also offers spectacular routes and landscapes to every trekking enthusiast. Let’s see together some of the itineraries to be traveled at least once in a lifetime.

What you need for trekking in Liguria

To go trekking you need to be well prepared. Depending on your itinerary, you must pay attention to clothing, shoes, backpack and, above all, trekking poles.

Hiking clothing

Most of the time, layered clothing is the winning card. The choice of clothing depends on the season and the weather conditions. It is very important to choose functional clothing, which can allow you to better face the route and any adverse weather forecasts.


When it comes to shoes, their choice depends on the type of route. Low-cut, mid-cut and high cut are your options.


If that thing isn’t needed, don’t bring it. Thinking about every eventuality is important, but that doesn’t mean filling your backpack with unnecessary things. So you should think about the duration of your trek in Liguria and choose a backpack with the right capacity (for a daily activity the 15-20 liter one is fine).

Trekking poles

Trekking in Liguria is truly wonderful, but it can also be tiring. Trekking poles can be a good help. The poles help to better distribute the weight, easing the load on the knees and ankles. They are very important in the case of particular steeps, as they act as support both uphill and downhill.

Trekking in Liguria: paths not to be missed

The Alta Via of Golfo

Are you a romantic person? Then you absolutely cannot miss the Alta Via of Golfo! This route is located in the Gulf of Poets. This name is born of the bond that many artists have established with this place, fascinated by its natural wonders.

This trek in Liguria covers the 44 km that connects Portovenere to Bocca di Magra. The route is dotted with small villages, vineyards and breathtaking views. Divided into 3 main stages, the Alta Via del Golfo requires about 3 days of walking to be covered in its entirety.

The Way of the Sanctuaries – Five Lands

When someone says “Liguria”, immediately we think of the wonderful Five Lands. Every year, the villages in this part of the Riviera welcome many tourists from all over the world. It is from here that trails start for a trek in Liguria that will let you discover wonderful landscapes.

Among the trekking itineraries in this Region, there is the way of the Sanctuaries. As the name suggests, the sanctuaries are the fulcrum of this route, which connects those of Madonna of Grazie (Manarola), Our Lady of Grace (San Bernardino), Madonna of Montenero (Riomaggiore), Madonna of Regio (Vernazza) and Madonna of Soviore (Monterosso).

The way of Sanctuaries is a spiritual journey, but one that also encompasses the pleasure of discovery and the love of art.

The Forts of Genoa – From Fort Richelieu to Fort Ratti

Forte Richeleau –Wikipedia – Autor: Sidvics

The Forts of Genoa are a piece of history of this city. Among the most popular is Fort Richelieu, accessible from the road that descends from Fort Monteratti. Fort Richelieu took on this name in 1747, when the name “Menegu” was replaced as a result of an alliance with France and Spain against the Austro-Piedmontese threat.

After centuries of military expansion and war use, in 1959 it gave rise to an RAI repeater, which is still active today. From Fort Richelieu it is possible to reach Fort Ratti, where the Church of Bavari is located, existing since the beginning of the Late Middle Ages.

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