June 1, 2021

Walking is good for your back and more

Walking as a method to feel fit and feel good about yourself

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you not know how to improve your posture? Walking is good for your back and not only for this. It is one of the most primitive forms of sport that man has begun to practice.

Over time, the action of moving the legs became not only a means of transport but also an action with a really important psychophysical value. Walking is good for the back and heart and it has an impact on our well-being and much more.

A simple action like putting one foot in front of the other is a real cure-all for body and mind. So let’s see together why walking is also good for your back!

First step: why do you have back pain?

Before you even start walking, it is important that you understand the causes of your back pain. The stress and bad posture are the major causes of this disorder. Bad posture can also be the result of the lack of exercise. Laptop and mobile phones are often not used to the right extent and replace some healthy movement.

You should know that cigarette smoke can also cause back pain. Smoking decreases the oxygenation of the tissues, leading to a lower capacity of the lumbar musculature to support the weight of our body.

In most cases, the simple act of walking is the right solution. However, we advise you to consult a doctor based on your situation and its duration in time.

Why walking is good for your back?

Walking is good for the back and it contributes to the stimulation of blood circulation. Your pace creates that rhythm that regulates the breathing, in favor of the heartbeat. Reduction of stress and anxiety are the beneficial effects that arise from exercise and every stimulation from a natural environment.

In particular, walking is good for your back because it activates all its muscles. The movement of the pelvis and the shoulders contributes to the redistribution of the weight on the entire spine. The areas of the body that are most affected by a lack of mobility can find relief.

Walking is good for your back especially if you do it with Nordic Walking poles

We have already talked about the beneficial effects of Nordic Walking in post-Covid19 rehabilitation. It is a recommended sport for women after a breast cancer.

Nordic Walking was born in Finland in the ’30s and it was established throughout Europe. It is a sport suitable for everyone and all ages. His technique consists of a walk supported by poles characterized by a specific grip and a string.

Walking is good for the back and thanks to Nordic Walking you can not only find relief but also train the upper body. There are a lot of benefits!

How can you practice Nordic Walking

The technique of Nordic Walking is very simple. Imagine being in the main square of your city. Start walking by focusing on a point in front of you. The left leg immediately makes fixed pair with the right pole, moving alternately the right leg and the respective pole.

After taking your step, when the pole is behind your body, leave the grip on the handle. Then take the pole every time you take a new step. The handrail of the pole will allow you not to lose it in any stages of movement.

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