June 13, 2024

Why trekking poles are essential for every hike

Trekking poles offer a wide range of benefits for both casual nature walks and challenging hikes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, here are some key reasons to carry a pair of trekking poles:

1) Improved stability and balance
Trekking poles significantly enhance stability on uneven and slippery terrain. Acting as extensions of your arms, they help distribute body weight more evenly, reducing the risk of slipping and falling, especially on difficult trails or during steep descents.

2) Reduced impact on knees and joints
During long walks, particularly on descents, knees, ankles, and hips endure significant stress. Gabel trekking poles alleviate this pressure by shifting part of the load from the lower limbs to the upper body, helping to prevent injuries and minimize post-hike soreness.

3) Increased movement efficiency
Trekking poles can boost your movement efficiency, enabling you to cover greater distances with less effort. They facilitate a faster and more energetic pace, making your hike less exhausting.

4) Support on ascents
On uphill paths, trekking poles offer crucial support, enhancing traction and providing an additional point of leverage. This can make ascents more manageable, allowing you to maintain a quicker pace with greater ease.

5) Support under load
For hikers carrying a heavy backpack, trekking poles are invaluable. They help distribute the weight of the backpack more evenly between your arms and legs, relieving pressure on your back and hips.

6) Versatility and multiple uses
Beyond trekking, poles have various other uses. They can support ultralight tents, move branches or shrubs off the path, and test the depth of water bodies or muddy areas. Their versatility makes them essential tools in numerous situations.

7) Engagement of the upper body
Trekking poles engage your legs, torso, and arms, providing a full-body workout that improves upper-body strength and endurance. By distributing the effort across more muscle groups, you can hike longer distances before fatigue sets in. This reduction in fatigue leads to better control and a lower risk of injury.

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