March 8, 2022

Walking Pads: how to choose them

What are the pads for Nordic Walking poles and when to use them?

Walking pads are part of the equipment needed to practice Nordic Walking on asphalt. They are generally made of rubber and can come in different shapes. The way they are made can determine their softness and grip on the ground.

Let’s see some details together.

When using the pads

How do you choose the pads for Nordic Walking poles? Their choice can be determined by the level of knowledge of the technique.

The walking pads must be used if the path does not include more or less soft ground, in which the tip can easily grip. Just as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the pads should be used on asphalt or concrete.

They are therefore not necessary on dirt roads, grass, or on the beach. Walking pads should only be used on asphalt and concrete because they help to grip the ground and to dampen noise and vibrations.

How to choose the Walking pads

The Pads for those who are learning the Nordic Walking technique

Those who are at the beginning of the learning process usually need soft pads, which have a lot of grip on the ground. Although they wear out more quickly due to a still immature technique, pads made of soft rubber are perfect for the learning phase and for those who do short trips.

If you are in this phase, here are the pads we recommend:


Pads for those who are refining their technique

Are you perfecting your technique? Then you can switch to less soft pads. You have overcome the tendency to slip the pole that characterizes the first phase of learning, so you are ready for a harder rubber. Although it has less grip on the ground, the acquired technique will allow you not to slip and take advantage of the characteristics of the pads. This will make them more durable over time and will lead you to take advantage of their ability to cushion impacts with the ground.

Are you at an intermediate level? Here are the recommended pads:


Don’t know your level? Here are the walking pads suitable for everyone

Although it is always recommended to rely on an instructor, you may find yourself in the situation of not being able to take advantage of the advice of a professional. In this case, how to choose the pads for the Nordic Walking poles? Our advice is to choose a model that represents the compromise between grip on the ground and duration of use. These pads are of a medium hardness rubber.

If you don’t know which pads are right for you, we suggest you choose these:


Season pads

The pads for Nordic Walking poles have different characteristics. Rubber can be affected by the change in temperature, so it is a good idea to choose and use them also according to the season. If it’s cold, choose soft pads; if it’s hot, choose harder rubber pads. Easy, right?

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